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Planning a cremation service

We are sorry for your loss.    This section is intended to guide you in this difficult time and make sure you start on the right path.  If you prefer you can call us  and we will assist you directly.

Changes are you might be feeling lost but if you are responsible for making final arraignment or executing a will, it is important that you do not give in to grief and continue to move forward.
If the death occurred at a hospital they may be able to help contacting a funeral home and issue a death certificate. If you are alone at this time we recommended to call a friend or relative to help as needed.  If the death occurred at home the police needs to be notified and respond at home before the deceased can be transferred to another location. If possible the patients doctor may be able to issue a death certificate, ask your doctor for details .

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At Peaceful Preserve we can help with the following services

• Transport the body to one of our local facilities
• Obtain a death certificate
• Assist with the selection of a casket, urn and/or grave marker
• Arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service ( location dependent)
• Help notify the deceased’s employer
• Offer support
• Guide you to other resources

The responsible party, whoever they may be, needs to be present to sign documents and make decisions. If you are not certain of who is responsible for planning for your loved one, call us for assistance.

After you call us:
1) Inform the cremation provider with the social security number and other details about the deceased.
2) Get the body transported to the crematorium
3) Get a death certificate with help from provider fill out other paperwork medical certificate or a certificate by the coroner.
4) Sing an authorization for creation
5) Get casket or container for cremation.
6) Select an urn
7) Asks for witnessing service if you wish
8) Dispose of the remains or store
9) All arrangements are made by the next of kin or the executor of the will.

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