At Peaceful Preserve Missouri City we are here to help make this transition of life one that both celebrates the beauty of our existence and experiences as well as creates an end that feels complete with the preservation of the sweetest memories of our loved ones. Call us today and plan a peaceful commemoration of the admirable lives that grace the surface of this earth. 


Peaceful preserve forrest


Which path is right for you ?

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is the most affordable as it does not involve embalming the body and there is no funeral service. You may however wish to be present and take part in the cremation if you choose.

Cremation followed by a memorial service

You may hold the memorial service to commemorate your loved one with or without the ashes present.

Cremation following a funeral service

You will need to contact a funeral provider and the price will reflect their fees.

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Why you need our services

Even as we are offering the same services, we are not out to belittle the similar services offered by other funeral parlors in your area or city, especially if they have been successful in this line of business for many years.

That being said, we would like you to note that some things make us different from other similar establishments. Go to our website and see how we take pride in our compassionate service that we provide to our clients. Our team is able and ready to meet our customers' expectations.

Our objective is to help grieving families plan for a funeral and memorial service for their departed loved ones. Our staff has the necessary experience to do the planning for the service and prepare the necessary requirements.

Our staff can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week at this 832-463-5070



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How we are different

When faced with a difficult situation, we turn to people we can trust and who we are familiar with to find support in facing this challenge. This preference to find comfort with people we are confident is most true when we lose a loved one.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, be assured that our staff can be the support team you can count on. Our staff is genuinely concerned about our customers' health and will be there for support during this time of distress and even after the service has concluded.

The difference that we make

Simply put, you wish for professional service given with care. We provide a high standard of service at reasonable prices and with transparency with the following:

  • Well-planned funeral arrangements to make it easier for bereaved families to grieve.
  • A soothing and calm environment where friends and relatives come together to share memories and celebrate the life of the deceased.
  • Observing the customs and traditions that the families wish to maintain during the memorial service.
  • Assisting families in planning the necessary steps pre-funeral.
  • We provide special attention to families before the loss of their loved one, during bereavement and after it.
  • We take care of both traditional and customized funerals.
  • We offer various options for choosing the type of cremation service.
  • We provide specialized services to war veterans.


Our Missouri city Cremation location has a very competent staff that can quickly meet your expectations and exceed them if required.

The basis of our uniqueness

We are not like any run-of-the-mill Cremation and Funeral Home. The staff at our Missouri City Cremations Services is highly experienced, professional, humane and friendly and has been the first choice year after year for all families in Missouri City.

We feel proud to be able to serve each deceased person’s memory with honor by embracing traditional values, diverse thoughts and actions and innovative services that they rightly deserve.

The various options offered by our Missouri City location are as follows:

  • A variety of services for funeral and memorial arrangements including entirely traditional, personal and innovative requirements.
  • A range of options for cremation services.
  • Options for making natural choices.
  • Services for memorial celebrations.

Sometimes it is tough to forget a departed soul whom you loved very much.  Missouri City Cremation Services provides the necessary care and support which can help you to comfort each other, attain peace of mind and bid goodbye to the one you loved so much.

There may be some decisions that you have to take at this time, but we are there to hold your hand and guide you through every stage of this difficult time in your life.


 We are also able to offer the following services

  • Designing the most befitting funeral and memorial service in honor of the departed soul including paying tribute to all the things they have experienced and achieved in life.
  • Choosing the most suitable products as per your wishes, requirements, and budgets, such as caskets, cremation urns, mausoleum, and cemetery.
  • Writing obituaries befitting the person’s social status, connections, and experiences and assisting in publishing them in various newspapers.
  • Creating an online “Book of Memories” as a legacy where you can add photos and documents to make it a treasure trove of memorabilia.
  • Making all necessary arrangements to hold the funeral and memorial services at the cemetery, home, place of worship or any other alternative venue of your choice.
  • Providing the required printed materials such as document folders, bookmarks and prayer cards for the ceremony.
  • Creating a video for the immediate family as a tribute to the departed soul to be shown at the venue for the memorial service.
  • Helping with flower requirements at the funeral site.
  • Preparing all the paperwork necessary for keeping vital records, getting permits, obtaining and filing of death certificates, receive benefits for the next of kin of veterans, claiming life insurance benefits and processing claims for Social Securities.

Contact us today to know the various options that are available you can also send us an e-mail if you want so.

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