Planting Cremation Urns That Grow Trees

Cremation planting urn

What is a planting cremation urn? A planting cremation urn is an urn with tree seeds and the ashes of a deceased loved one. The ashes get planted with the seeds, and the ashes end up nourishing the tree, helping it to grow, creating a living memorial to the deceased in the process. Besides trees, flowers or bushes can also be substituted.

Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes people make when planting cremation urns, so we’ll take a look at how to avoid those and plant them correctly, to ensure you have the best experience and provide the best for your deceased loved one.


Here we want you to understand that the life cycle of the seed planted is what we must pay serious attention to.

Every plant has different seasons ideal for growing. For example, a cremation urn with Japanese Maple seeds needs to rise in the winter. You can plant the seeds anytime, but they only grow during the early spring, so therefore, if planted toward the end of winter, they’ll sprout when you want them to.

It’s okay to plant seeds that need a lot of water, but if you plant in the summer, don’t overwater, expecting a sprout, when most likely, the shoot won’t come up until the spring. Follow directions regarding cold stratification, and put the seed in the refrigerator, if you want the plant to grow artificially. But it’s best to plant in the winter or late fall, and then Mother Nature will grow the plant naturally, without you having to intervene.

Cremation Urn tree


If you’re planning on using the cremation urn to grow a bush, flowers, or certain types of trees such as conifers, planting in the spring is excellent and desirable. These containers can be planted any time of the year, but the spring is the best time to achieve the most exceptional results.


Cremation urns don’t necessarily need seeds. Without seeds, there’s room for more uniqueness and variation. You can grow stronger and more elaborate plants, and the ashes will still nourish the plant and help it grow. Spring and fall are the best times to plant if you opt for this.

If you want to start with seeds or have to due to the type of plant, seeds are still good, as long as they’re a plant that can grow in your geographic location. Remember that some plants need cold stratification, and if you don’t live a cold place, you’d need artificial means to achieve this.

With all of this said, nature will run its course regardless of what you choose. Seeds must break through the dormant stage, winter causes cold stratification, different seasons are better for planting different plants, etc. But in the end, what matters is that you have a cremation urn, and your deceased loved one will get to live on by nourishing a new life.


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