At Peaceful Preserve Oklahoma City location we are here to help make this transition of life one that both celebrates the beauty of our existence and experiences as well as creates an end that feels complete with the preservation of the sweetest memories of our loved ones. Call us today and plan a peaceful commemoration of the admirable lives that grace the surface of this earth. 


Peaceful preserve forrest


Which path is right for you ?

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is the most affordable as it does not involve embalming the body and there is no funeral service. You may however wish to be present and take part in the cremation if you choose.

Cremation followed by a memorial service

You may hold the memorial service to commemorate your loved one with or without the ashes present.

Cremation following a funeral service

You will need to contact a funeral provider and the price will reflect their fees.


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Why Choose Us at Peaceful Preserve

At Peaceful Preserve Oklahoma City Cremation we know other crematoriums are serving our area, and would never do anything to disparage their services or undermine their success.

We need you to know that our crematorium is different. We take great pride in the care we provide to the grieving families and invite you to browse our website to learn this simple truth for yourself: the experienced staff is committed to doing everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

We will help you in planning a funeral, or making pre-need arrangements for yourself or a loved one.

You can reach our team on a 24×7 basis by placing a call at the number 405-276-4272


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How we are different

Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we find comfort in those we know and trust–people we can count on to do their very best to help us. This is especially true when a loved one has died.

If this is currently your experience, please think of the members of our professional staff as your friends. Each of us cares deeply about your well-being, and can become a reliable ally for you during this time…and long after.


Why We are Different

We know there are other funeral homes in the area to choose from. But we also know that families who turn to us during a time of loss will experience our high standards of service, like:

  • Providing families with well-planned funeral arrangements.
  • Providing comfortable, soothing surroundings where relatives and friends can gather to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.
  • Helping families in our community to preserve longstanding traditions and customs.
  • Offering innovative truly personalized crematorium services and products.
  • Assisting families and individuals are making their pre-need plans.
  • We offer professional guidance and personal and specialized attention before, during and after the loss of a loved one.
  • Memorial Services and Ceremonies.
  • Veterans’ Funeral Services.

Our Oklahoma City Cremation location has a very competent staff.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss your family’s unique needs. Our staff is confident that we can, and will, do our utmost to meet your expectations.


The basis of our uniqueness

With our years of experience and highly professional, friendly and compassionate staff, Oklahoma City Cremation Service is the first choice for Oklahoma City families each year.

We are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honoring the spirit and life of each person we serve.

Oklahoma City Cremation Service offers:

  • Funeral and memorial services, ranging from traditional to uniquely innovative and personal
  • Cremation Service Options
  • Natural choices
  • Celebrant Services

To provide your family peace-of-mind, Oklahoma City Cremation Service offers complete care, so that you can focus on comforting each other as you prepare to say goodbye to someone dear to you.

Although there are many decisions you may have to make, we assure you that we will guide you through the process every step of the way.

We promise to help you

  • Design the most fitting funeral service to honor their memory and pay tribute to their life experiences.
  • Select the most appropriate products, including a casket, cremation urn, cemetery or mausoleum, to fit your budget and suit your needs.
  • Write a fitting obituary to honor your loved one’s life experiences and social connections.
  • Assist in the publication of the obituary in the newspapers.
  • Create a Book of Memories, where you and your friends can build a legacy of memories by archiving treasured photos and memories.
  • Make all arrangements concerning the services whether they are at your place of worship, cemetery, or alternate gathering place.
  • Provide you with beautiful print materials, including memorial folders, prayer cards etc.
  • Create a moving video tribute, to be shown at the service.
  • Provide elegant funeral cars, as well as arrange for escorts.
  • Help in the on-site arrangement of floral tributes.
  • Provide access to grief education, support materials, and referrals to counseling services.
  • Prepare all paperwork, like vital statistics, permits, filing and obtaining death certificates, and assistance with life insurance, veteran’s benefits, and claims.

Call or email us today to explore the wide variety of choices available.


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