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What do people do with cremation ashes?

One of the many benefits of cremation is the highly personalized options that is provides. Below is a list of typical options but if planned ahead, you can be creative with the remains.

  • Scattered (at sea, on land or air)
  • Buried in the ground.
  • Entombed in a crypt with a mausoleum or placed in a columbarium. A columbarium is a Room or structure normally located in a cemetery, or church for urns. Other mementos of the loved one can be added to commemorate the individual.
  • Placed in a decorative urn and displayed in a home or other place of choice.
  • A portion of the ashes may also be preserved in cremation jewelry, such as a pendant, ring or bracelet.
  • Remains can also be buried in a cremation garden of a cemetery.
  • More modern methods include converting the ashes in glass or diamonds to create a creative memorial.

Most of our locations offer a temporary container for you ashes.   Some locations offer a limited selection of urns.  We are more than happy to guide you in finding the right urn or jewlery to keep your loved ones ashes.

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