Studies are showing a raising interest in local cremation services versus a traditional burial.  In the past due to religious ideals and limitations direct cremation was not considered as an alternative.  Today almost 50% of the US population choose local cremation for its versatility and low cost as well as many other factors.  In almost all cases it is possible to still have the option of a traditional viewing and a funeral with a casket present.  If saving money is your goal as for direct cremation,  our assistant will understand.

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We are a local Cremation Service provider that offers the lowest cost Cremation in a city near you!

 Makes sure to as for a direct cremation if cost is important to you.   Peaceful Preserve helps families with low cost cremations and burial services throughout  the United States.  If you are just starting to learn about cremation we recommend that you read some our articles or simply call our helpful assistants.



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Memorial Service at Funeral Home
• Certified Copies of Death Certificate
• Mailing of Cremated Remains within US
• Personal Delivery of Cremated Remains
• Private Family Viewing
• Removal of Pacemaker
• Licensed Funeral Director for Burial of Cremated Remains
• Memorial Cards
• Memorial Video
• Express Cremations
Submitting Obituaries and Death Notices to Newspapers





 At Peaceful Preserve we are here to help make this transition of life one that both celebrates the beauty of our existence and experiences as well as creates an end that feels complete with the preservation of the sweetest memories of our loved ones. Call us today and plan a peaceful commemoration of the admirable lives that grace the surface of this earth. 



Which path is right for you ?


Direct cremation

Direct cremation is the most affordable as it does not involve embalming the body and there is no funeral service. You may however wish to be present and take part in the cremation if you choose.

Cremation followed by a memorial service

You may hold the memorial service to commemorate your loved one with or without the ashes present.

Cremation following a funeral service

You will need to contact a funeral provider and the price will reflect their fees.


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We help you lower the Cost of a Direct Cremation by planning ahead.



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